Wells Beach Webcam

Check out this fully controllable Wells Beach webcam to see the beach conditions for your next southern Maine visit.  It is located at Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort which is situated in the parking lot at the end of Mile Road.  You have a maximum of two minutes to operate the webcam which allows you to zoom in and out and scan about 180 degrees of oceanfront.  If someone is already operating the camera, you will be put in a queue until it is your turn.  Check to see where the tide is.  Check to see how many people are on the beach.  Check the weather live.  Enjoy the views of the surf especially when storms manage to push the waves over the sea wall and into the parking lot.

With this beach webcam, you can actually capture a still image of what you are looking at in the viewer by clicking the "camera" icon on the bottom left of the viewer window. If you are using the camera at night time, click the image of the "person and sun" icon just to the right of the viewer. This will cause the viewer to become brighter and more enjoyable at night.  This is pretty cool if you have friends down in Wells and you synchronize your time to see them on your computer.

This webcam will let you enjoy the action of your favorite summer vacation area year round.  For those of you who visit Southern Maine just in the hot summer months, check out the beach in the winter months to see your beautiful sand covered in “white stuff”!  The weather in winter can be quite vicious but provide some spectacular waves.

Of all the webcams that I have looked at along the coast, this one is the best and always seems to be operational.  Click on the link below to enjoy.

Go to Wells Beach webcam