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Looking for great vacation rentals in Southern Maine? Although there are numerous campgrounds, motels, hotels and condos in the area, the most desired form of accommodation is to enjoy the comforts of a summer cottage. These Southern Maine cottages are typically situated on the beach itself or within walking distance of the beautiful sand and surf.

There is no typical Southern Maine cottage but more of a complete range and variety of accommodation as one travels up and down the coast. Some beach front properties are large dwellings where more than one family can share said accommodation. Others may offer more of a one family house with two or three bedrooms plus facilities. You can occasionally come across a property that has multiple, small cabins where a small family or couple can stay. I personally have stayed in all of these at one time or another during my more than five decades of enjoying Southern Maine. Regardless of what you are looking for, any of these provide the comfortable accommodation that you need with the added bonus of being within walking distance to the beach. Nothing can beat staying in a cottage with ocean front rooms in Maine overlooking the beach. No matter what time of day or night, gazing out at the beautiful ocean can surely mesmerize.

Other vacation rentals in Southern Maine: There are numerous motels along Rte. 1 which is the highway that runs parallel to the coast. There is always a short drive either by personal vehicle or shuttle bus to access the public beach areas from all of these motels.

Large “big resort” type hotels are very few and far between which helps to keep Southern Maine a quaint, homey vacation spot. You can still find a few smaller hotels that provide very comfortable accommodations and amenities but let’s understand why we are in Maine: to go to the beach. As with the motels, it is a short drive or shuttle run to and from the beach.

Regardless of where you choose to stay, the links on this page will lead you to the numerous vacation rentals in Southern Maine. After just one stay on the beach, you will certainly return for many more Maine vacations.

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