Moody Beach, Maine

Moody Beach Maine 1

Moody Beach (#1) is without question, the most amazing beach in Maine. It is nestled between the popular Ogunquit and Wells beaches. It is just over a mile in length (1.6km) and offers beautiful sand and frequently good surf. It stretches south from Moody Point to join onto Ogunquit Beach.

Moody Beach Maine 2 This is where I have spent a portion of each of my last 50+ summers. It is primarily classified as a private beach although there are public accesses at 4 points along this stretch. There is public parking at the south end of Ocean Avenue if you are staying in a motel/hotel on Rte. 1 in this area. This is the place to be; you will find it more spacious than Ogunquit Beach but there are no services other than restrooms. Donnie’s Advice: Bring your lunches in a cooler and enjoy the day at Moody. There are no services, not even restrooms anywhere else along this beach, so you need to be renting within walking distance of the beach if you access the beach from the other “Public Ways”. There is a little convenience store situated just north of Furbish Road if you are looking for a mid-day snack.

Moody Beach Maine 3 If you have a kayak or canoe, Moody Beach is a great place to locate yourself. Aside from the obvious access to the Atlantic, Moody Beach has numerous access points to the protected marsh lands where anyone can enjoy the tide stream. Donnie’s Advice: Look at the tide chart to plan your boating experience. The stream gets very shallow at low tide. Play with the current, plan your day and enjoy.

Accommodations on this beautiful beach are strictly homes and cottages; there are no hotels or motels on the beach. Most houses on the beach and on the opposite side of Ocean Avenue rent out during the summer. A great place to secure cottage rentals in this area is Garnsey Brothers located at Moody Point. If you are staying at a motel or campground on Rte. 1, you only have a short drive to the beach. Drive down Bourne Avenue, turn right and you will be at the public parking for the beach.

There is nothing else that can be said other than this is where you want to be in the summer!

Referenced GPS coordinates:

#1 Moody Beach parking: N43 15.916, W70 35.353