Plan your next summer vacation in one of the many Southern Maine cottages.

Southern Maine Cottages:

A popular destination for a great Maine vacation in the summer is the Southern most part of the state where pristine beaches await. Thousands of people flock to this area of the country from the Northeastern U.S. and eastern part of Canada. I have been visiting this area since I was born and most of my fondest memories while growing up center around the Southern Maine beaches.

The obvious benefits of being on or near the beach, is the convenience of not needing the car to get there. In addition, you have close access to all the important amenities that are needed for a summer day in Southern Maine: beach toys, access to food and drinks and proximity to your own washroom facilities. The added cost of staying in a cottage near the beach to enjoy these benefits far outweighs the inconvenience of staying up near Rte. 1, which is the highway that runs up and down the coast.

The links from this page will take you to various pages dealing with Southern Maine cottages and other accommodations, as you plan out your next summer vacation along the beaches of Maine. This site will concentrate on the core region of Southern Maine including such beautiful beach towns as Wells, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. It will also link to other pages that will focus on how to take full advantage of all that Southern Maine has to offer. Of course, this will have to include extensive information on how to enjoy your Maine lobster. Experience Southern Maine!

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Vacation Rentals in Southern Maine
There are numerous vacation rentals in Southern Maine. Your decision is based on what you really want for your true Maine experience. A Southern Maine cottage is the best way to go.
Southern Maine Beaches
Southern Maine beaches offer vast areas of pristine sand that provide seemingly endless space to enjoy the sun and surf.
Southern Maine Lobster
Information on Maine lobster - When visiting Southern Maine, you must experience the awesome taste of the local lobster.
Perkins Cove Ogunquit
If you are in Southern Maine visiting in the area of Ogunquit, a must see is the picturesque Perkins Cove.
Deep Sea Fishing Maine
Deep sea fishing Maine : When you visit Southern Maine, a great activity for a day is to experience the fun of going out to sea to catch you own meal.
Maine Lobster Pounds
Visiting one of the many Maine lobster pounds after a day at the beach is a great way to begin a memorable feast with family or friends.
Southern Maine Fast Food Take Out
There are many excellent fast food establishments in Southern Maine where you can pick up a quick meal and then head back down to the beach.
Southern Maine Restaurants
Dining at one of the many Southern Maine Restaurants is a great way to end a day at one of the beaches in this area.
Southern Maine Activities
There are many Maine activities that visitors to Southern Maine can participate in. Some are definitely family oriented, some meant for kids and others for the active adult.
Cruises in Southern Maine
There is an abundance of cruises in Southern Maine from a variety of harbors along this part of the coast. Perkins Cove, Wells Harbor and Kennebunkport being the most frequented spots.
Wells Beach Webcam
Wells Beach Webcam fully controllable